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Foam Core Board

Papers & Film for Inkjet Printers

Papers & Film for Manual Drawing

Ink Cartridges for Wide Format HP Printers

Papers for PPC Printers & Copiers

Plan and Paper Trimmers

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Eraser & Accessories


Multiplus 20 Eraser
Economy Eraser for School, Home or the Office

Pelikan Al Eraser

For Lead Pencil on Any Surface
Gentle on Paper

Pentel Correction Pens

Steel Tipped Pentel Correction Pens
Available in Fine 12ml and Extra Fine 4ml

Staedtler Eraser for Pencil

Staedtler 526 50 Mars Plastic Eraser for Pencil
Professional Quality Eraser for Pencil
Available in Singles or a Box of 20

Staedtler Eraser for Ink and Pencil

Staedtler 526 508 Eraser for Pencil and Film
Ink Half is Encapsulated with a Solvent that Dissolves Drawing Ink
Available in Singles or a Box 20

Celco Erasers

Economic Vinyl Eraser for Graphite and Coloured Pencils, Smudge Free, Sleeved.
Available in 2 Sizes - Mini & Maxi

Dry Cleaning Pad

Dry Cleaning Pad for Removal of Smudges, Fingermarks from Drawings. Prepares Surface of Paper for Drawing.

Dusting Brush

Dusting Brush for Cleaning Eraser Particles from Drawings and Boards

Erasing Shield

Erasing Shield in Stainless Steel
Allows Accurate Erasure While Protecting Other Work