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Drawing Office Supplies

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Papers & Film for Manual Drawing

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Papers for PPC Printers & Copiers

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Drawing Office Supplies

Manual Drafting & Drawing Consumables & Stationary Including: Technical Pens & Inks, Mechanical & Clutch Pencils, Leads, Erasers, Scale Rules, Map Measures, Templates, Tapes & Adhesives


Glue Sticks and Adhesives in Tubes for a Variety of Purposes and Surfaces

Aluminium Safety Cutting Rule

Aluminium Safety Cutting Rule. Available in 30cm or 45cm Lengths.
Flip Up or Fold Down Finger Guard.
Non-slip, Ribbed Rubber Grip.

Clutch Pencils

Draftex and Staedtler Clutch Pencils to Suit 2mm Leads for Technical Drawing and Drafting

Compass Accessories

Compass Accessories Including Leads, Cutting Blades, Mechanical Pencil and Ink Pen Adaptors


An extensive range of quality German made Compasses including Masterbow, Springbow Drop Bow and Beam Compass varieties in sets with and without Extensions Arms

Correction Pens and Tape

Pentel Correction Pens in fine and extra fine tips. Correction tape dispensers with refillable cartridge.


French Curve Sets and Flexible Curves for Drawing Arches, Sweeps, Bends and any Desired Curve

Cutting Mats

Self Healing Green Cutting Mats in A4, A3, A2 and A1. Metric 1cm Grid

Display Books & Cases

Display Books, Carry Cases, Pockets and Push Button Envelopes, Sleeves and Zip Close Portfolios

Drawing Board Clips

Drawing Board Clips Available Individually or in a Set of 4. Used for Holding Drawings on to Drawing Board

Erasers and Accessories

Erasers for Pencil and Ink, Kneadable Erasers, Vinyl Erasers, Dry Cleaning Pads, Dusting Brushes and Erasing Shields

Fineline Pens and Pigment Markers

Staedtler, Rotring, Artline, Copic and uni PIN Fineline Fibre Tipped Pens for Drawing and Illustrating Available in Varying Widths

Inks & Cartridges for Paper and Film

Staedtler & Rotring Refill Inks and Cartridges for Technical Pens for Use on Paper & Film

Knives and Replacement Blades

Craft and Model Making Knives including NT Cutters, Osmer Cutters, Replacement Snap off Blades. Single and Double Sided Razor Blades, Surgical Scalpel Blades and Handles. KnifeGuard

Leads for Mechanical Pencils

Staedtler 2mm Clutch Pencil Leads and Leads for Fineline and Mechanical Pencils in .3mm .5mm .7mm and .9mm in Graphite varying grades including 6B 5B 4B 3B 2B and Coloured Leads. Suitable for Drawing

Map Measures

Mechanical and Digital Map Measures for Map and Plan Measuring, Taking Measurements off Drawings for Estimating Quantities. Scalex and KR Digital Models have Scale Programming Options

Mechanical Pencils

Draftex, Staedtler, Rotring & Uni Brand Mechanical Lead Pencils in 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 0.9mm

NonSkid Aluminium Rulers

NonSkid Aluminium Rulers Fitted with Sponge-Rubber Backing to Stop Slipage
Available in 15,30,45,60,100cm

Pen Cleaning Fluid

Cleaner Concentrate Bottle for Thorough Cleaning of Technical Pen Nibs. Dissolves Encrusted Ink.


Staedtler Mars Lumograph Pencils in Various Grades
Staedtler Ergosoft Coloured Pencils
Faber Castell Polychromos Artists Colour Pencils
Koh I Noor Progresso Graphite Pencil 4B

Pens & Markers & Highlighters

Staedtler, Artline and Uni Pens and Markers in Various Point Sizes for Permanent and Whiteboard Use, Highlighters and Pentel Correction Pens

Proportional Dividers

Graduated Proportional Dividers with Adjustable Steel
Points for Dividing Lines & Circles


Acrylic Protractors in 180° and 360°

Roller Ruler

Roller Ruler Suitable for Drawing Parallel Lines, Circles, Angles and other Geometric Shapes, Increments in Inches and Centimetres

Rubber Bands

Natural Rubber Bands in 8 Different Sizes and 2 Pack Weight Options

Ruling Pen

Ruling Pen for Creating Lines in Ink, Paint or Similar Media. Adjustable Line Width.

Scale Rulers Oval

Draftex, Linex and Staedtler Scale Rulers in Oval / Flat Section Profiles. 15 and 30cm Options with Various Scale Combinations. Made to AS1212 Standard.

Scale Rulers Triangular

Draftex, Rotring and Kent 30cm Triangular Scale Rules in Colour Coded Scale Combinations

Set Squares

Draftex and Kent Set Square Sets and Adjustable Set Squares. 45 Degree and 60/30 Degree Sets in Various Sizes all in Clear Acrylic.

Sharpeners & Lead Pointers

Draftex and Staedtler Pencil Sharpeners and Lead Pointers for Standard Pencils and 2mm Clutch Pencil Leads

Spray Adhesives and Fixative

3M and Micador Sprays Including Adhesives for Mounting and Gluing. Fixatives to protect artwork and drawing. Solvent Cleaner for removal of Glue residue

Steel Rules

Steel Rules in 15cm and 30cm Widths.
Metric and Imperial Graduations on High Grade Stainless Steel


3M Scotch Tape, Clear Adhesive Tape, Cloth Tapes, Double Sided Tapes, Drafting Dots, Masking Tape and Packaging Tape

Technical Drafting Pens

Pens for Technical Drawing including Rotring Rapidograph and Isograph Pens and Sets, Staedtler Marsmatic 700 Technical Pens

Technical Pen Nibs

Replacement Technical Pen Nibs for Rotring Isograph, Rapidograph and Staedtler Marsmatic 700 Technical Pens

Templates and Guides

Architectural Templates, Circle Templates, French Curves, Flexible Curves, Lettering Stencils, Lettering and Line Guides

Tool Pens

One Touch Tool Pen Brings 9 Tools in One Premium Quality Writing Instrument. Smooth Writing Point at One End and an Ultra Sensitive Touch Screen Stylus at the other, Under Stylus Top are Phillips and