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Templates and Guides



Architectural Templates, Circle Templates, Elipse Template,Garden Planning Templates,Sanitary Object Templates, Map Making & Drainage Templates,French Curves, Flexible Curves, Lettering Stencils, Lettering and Line Guides


Ames Lettering Guide

Ames Lettering Guide AL666 for Laying out Guidelines for Hand Lettering

Artist Colour Wheel

Artist Colour Wheel 27cm Diameter.
Illustrates Visually and Instantly the Results of Colour Mixing.
Shows Primary, Secondary and Intermediate Colours.

Circle Templates

Draftex, Staedtler and Standardgraph Circle Templates From 1 to 85mm Diameter

Architectural Templates

Standardgraph Architectural Templates in Convenient Scales Including Work Planning, Garden Planning, House Furnishing, Sanitary Objects and Installation, Map Making and Drainage Systems

General Templates

Standardgraph Multipurpose Templates Including Ellipses, Radii, Tangents, Circles, Hexagons, Squares, Triangles and Arrows

French Curves

French Curves in Set of 3 in Plastic Wallet. Inking Edges prevent Smudging of Markers and Pens

Flexible Curves

Flexible Curves Available in 5 Lengths from 30cm up to 90cm. Smooth Blue Plastic Vinyl with Inking Edge.

Standardgraph Lettering Stencils

Lettering Stencils Available in Four Sizes. For Use With Technical Pens. ISO 3098 Standard.

Taurus Line Guide

Taurus Line Guide LGP25 / Guage. Designed for drawing guidelines for precision hand lettering.