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Yellowtrace Info



Yellowtrace ® paper has become a very popular sketch paper for a wide range of designers. The popularity of this paper in the USA goes back many years. Its growth in use in Australia can be traced back to the time of the design of the new Parliament House when American Architects brought it with them. The excellent qualities of Yellowtrace® were soon apparent to local Architects and Designers and demand has increased to such that it is now found in use throughout the industry. The tinted yellow appearance of this sketch paper remains the most popular choice. Other papers in the range are the plain or Whitetrace product and the "honey" tinted Ambertrace . While the whole world uses computers to produce final drawings it is evident that a great deal of initial design is hand sketched and Yellowtrace ® is the perfect paper for this purpose.


Architects, Interior and Landscape Designers, Set Designers - in fact anyone creating designs from concept to final drawings enjoys using Yellowtrace ®. The most popular 12inch size fits the briefcase so it can be taken to a client or site meeting, rolled out and used to record and establish ideas, changes or updates to the design in progress. The transparent quality of the paper makes it ideal for overlays and tracings of existing drawings


Yellowtrace ® holds a special position in the marketplace. Other traditional drawing papers do not have the same feel or appeal to the designer. There is really nothing else quite like it.

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