2mm Compass Leads

Tube of Leads in 2mm Width for Compasses. Available in Tube of 2 or 6.

Cutting Blade

Sharp Steel Blade Inserts into Compass in Place of Lead for Cutting Circles in Paper and Light Card

Finelead Compass Pencil

0.5mm Mechanical Pencil Compass Attachment with Threaded Connection for Attaching to CA35 Pen Adaptor

Technical Pen Adaptor

Threaded Technical Pen Adaptor for Compasses. Suits FL25 Mechanical Finelead Pencil and other Standard Technical Pens

Universal Compass Adaptor

Screw Clamp Universal Adaptor Compass Attachment for Pens and Markers of Varying Widths.

Compass Spare Parts Pack

Plastic Spare Parts Set for Compasses with 6 Compartments Including Needles, Leads and Tightening Wheels with Screws.