Ames Lettering Guide $13.70

  • Ameslg Ames Lettering Guide Al666 For Laying Out Guide Lines For Hand Lettering

Ames Lettering Guide also known as a Parallelograph is designed to help draw guide lines for hand lettering.(Replaces Linex 1007 Line Guide)

  • For Hatching and Drawing Guide Lines for Hand Lettering
  • The Distance for Parallel Lines Can be Adjusted Continually by Turning the Disc
  • Side Corner Inclinations at 68┬║ and 75┬║
  • Material is 2mm Transparent Polycarbonate 117 x 75mm

The AMES Lettering guide is designed to help you draw guide lines for hand lettering.
The centre section rotates so that the array of holes effectively move in distance from the base line.
Four lines a generally drawn with the middle two representing the desired height of letters such as lower case a,e or c.
The upper line is for letters such a b,d f etc that extend upwards and the lower line is a guide for g, q and y that extend downwards.
Once a suitable letter height is chosen and the centre section is rotated to suit, the AMES lettering guide is placed on a rule, a pencil is inserted in to the chosen hole and then pushed along to draw the guideline.
By choosing the required holes the four guidelines are are made on the drawing to greatly enhance the uniformity of your hand lettering.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
AmesLGEachAmes Lettering Guide AL666138L x 111W x 1H16 (g)

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