Dry Cleaning Pad $19.95

  • Cleanpad Alvin Dry Cleaning Pad

Dry Cleaning Pad is a Mesh Cloth Bag Containing Organic Cleaning Compound.

  • Ideal for Removing Smudges and Hand Marks from Drawings
  • Prepares Paper Surface for Ink Work

The Alvin Dry Cleaning Pad is a versatile product that is generally used for removing smudge marks and fingerprints from a drawing surface such as tracing paper of drafting film. The pad contains organic material that removes surface contaminants and helps prepare a drawing surface for further work. Dry Cleaning Pads have varying uses and are ideal where delicate surfaces require spot cleaning. 

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
CLEANPADEachDry Cleaning Pad110L x 65W x 37H90 (g)

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