Flexible Curves Starting from $8.20

  • Flex30 Draftex Ati Flexible Curve 30Cm
  • Flex40 Draftex Ati Flexible Curve 40Cm
  • Flex50 Draftex Ati Flexible Curve 50Cm
  • Flex60 Draftex Ati Flexible Curve 60Cm
  • Flex90 Draftex Ati Flexible Curve 90Cm

Draftex Flexible Curves can be bent to form the desired curved shape of the beholder.

  • Adjusts Quickly from One Shape to Another
  • One Edge has Raised Strip for Drawing with Ink
  • Available in Five Lengths; 30cm, 40cm, 50cm, 60cm and 90cm

Draftex Flexible Curves are manufactured by ATI.
They feature an internal lead lining and a spring steel strip coated in a synthetic rubber.
The combined action of these materials allows the user to bend the flexible curve to a desired shape then draw around either edge.
One edge is raised to prevent ink smudge.
Flexible curves can also be useful in transferring a curved shape of an object to the drawing or work surface as they hold the bent shape of the object.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
Flex30EachFlexible Curve 30cm213L x 104W x 12H100 (g)
Flex40EachFlexible Curve 40cm215L x 104W x 12H120 (g)
Flex50EachFlexible Curve 50cm215L x 104W x 12H124 (g)
Flex60EachFlexible Curve 60cm215L x 104W x 12H160 (g)
Flex90EachFlexible Curve 90cm215L x 104W x 12H227 (g)

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