Refillable Display Books Starting from $14.25

  • Refilldispxx Xpress It Refilable Display Book With 10 Sleeves Available Sizes A2 A3
  • Refillxx Xpress It Refill Sleeves For Display Books A2 Packk 5 Sleeves A3 Pack 10 Sleeves
  • Refilable Display Books

X-press IT Refillable Display Books and Sleeves are used to display and protect your artworks/documents.

  • Each Book Contains Refillable Sleeves with Black Polypropylene Inserts
  • Acid Free Archival Quality Polypropylene
  • Suitable for Presentations, Photographs, Artworks etc.

X-press IT display books are used to display & protect your art works & documents, also great for protecting photo’s. They are acid free & are made from quality polypropylene.
Each Book Contains 10 Refillable Sleeves with Black Polypropylene Inserts. The books & refillable sleeves are available in A2 & A3 sizes.
Additional sleeves can be easily added by releasing the plastic clips on the spine, laying the sleeve over the guide pins then closing. Spare sleeves are sold in pkt of 10 in A3 size and pkts of 5 in A2.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
REFillA3Pk 10A3 Refill Sleeves Xpress It455L x 320W x 3H150 (g)
REFillA2Pk 5A2 Refill Sleeves Xpress It600L x 455W x 3H300 (g)
RefillDispA2EachRefillable Display Bk A2610L x 475W x 25H1280 (g)
RefillDispA3EachXpress It Refillable Display Book A3 20440L x 355W x 20H880 (g)

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