Rodia Polythene Art Bags Starting from $236.00

  • Rpabxx Rodia Poythene Art Bags For Planex Plan Cabinets Discontinued

*** The Manufacturer has discontinued this line as of December 2018.

Rodia Polythene Art Bags are clear polythene sleeves reinforced with two milky polyester strips and hold/protect important drawing plans, maps etc.

  • Suspension Strip Punched to Fit Planex and Vertiplan Cabinets
  • Sold in Packs of 10 Bags
  • Fit up to 20 Sheets (Std Bond 80gsm) per Bag
  • Sizes A3, A2, A1, B1 and A

Rodia Polyethene Art Bags are designed for storage of artwork or large documents in a protected and sealed manner. The bags are suspended in a vertical plan filing cabinet and have a pressed seal closure system typically top opening. They are sold in sets of ten bags and are available in A0, B1,A1 A2 and A3 sizes.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
RPABA0Pk 10*DISC Rodia Polythene Art Bags A0 900 x 1300L x 950W x 30H4000 (g)
RPABB1Pk 10*DISC Rodia Polythene Art Bags B1 750 x 1800L x 1100W x 30H3000 (g)
RPABA1Pk 10*DISC Rodia Polythene Art Bags A1 650 x 950L x 700W x 30H2000 (g)
RPABA2Pk 10*DISC Rodia Polythene Art Bags A2 450 x500L x 700W x 30H900 (g)
RPABA3Pk 10*DISC Rodia Polythene Art Bags A3 350 x 500L x 450W x 30H500 (g)

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