Draftex import the popular Hidex 5200 Lead pointer for cluth pencils. It's rotating action delivers the type of point best suited to your work and the convenient filter removes dust and lead particles that could smudge your work.
An economical little one held between thumb and forefinger is a popular alternative.
Sharpeners for regular and coloured pencils come with the option of one or two apertures with the larger being suited to some coloured varieties.

Staedtler Pencil Sharpeners

Staedtler Metal Sharpeners Available in Single Hole or Double Hole Double Hole has Twin Blades for Graphite and Colour Pencils

Sharpeners with Shavings Holder

Staedtler Pencil Sharpeners with Plastic Shavings Holder & Lid for Graphite Pencils.

Lead Pointers

Lead Pointers for Sharpening 2mm Leads Used with Clutch Pencils. Available in a Rotating Barrel or Plain Sharpener.