Kent Profile A3 Drawing Board $112.50

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Kent A3 Drawing Board is a professional portable desktop unit that is designed for working with A3 size drawings.

  • Protractor with Opposite Scale.
  • Compass Plotting Scale.
  • Parallel Straightedge with STOP-and-GO Locking/Unlocking Action (Double Locking).
  • Ergonomically Designed, Portable and Lightweight.
  • Made From Shock Resistant, Non-warping Plastic.
  • The L-system Straightedge Design Allows Drawing Along the Top Edge of the Straightedge Right Down to the Bottom of the Sheet, with Full Accuracy and Stability.
  • Guide Rails Designed for Permanently Smooth, Feather Light Straightedge Movement.
  • Magnetic Clamping Rail with Windows for Controlling Paper Margin Plus Additional Corner Clamp to Media Securely.
  • End Lock on A3 Straightedges for Added Stability.
  • Ergonomic Grip with Push Button and Stop and Go Mechanism.
  • Graduation with Markings for Format and Paper Margin.
  • Anti-Slip Guide Track for Smooth Straight Edge.

The Kent A3 Drawing Board features a push and release stop/go mechanism for easy movement of the square.
A secondary lock can be used to firmly hold the square in place. Paper is held in place by a combination of magnetic and spring loaded clamps.
While it lacks the accessory range of similar models it does perform with a high degree of accuracy.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
KentDBA3EachKent A3 Profile Drawing Board800L x 380W x 50H3000 (g)

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