Linex A3 Drawing Board Starting from $146.90

  • Linexa3drwbrd Linex A3 Drawing Board View 1
  • Linexa3drwbrd Linex A3 Drawing Board View 2 Boxed
  • Linexhead Linex Drawing Head For Linex A3 Board
  • Linexa3boardspecial Linex A3 Drawing Kit A3 Board Drawing Head And Case

Linex A3 Drawing Board is a professional portable desktop unit that is designed for working with A3 size drawings.

DBR-3045 Drawing Board

  • Compass Plotting Scale.
  • Graduation with Markings for Format and Paper Margin.
  • Ergonomic Grip with Push Button Stop-and-Go mechanism.
  • Magnetic Clamping rail with Holes for Control of Paper Margin.
  • Anti-slip Protection on the Underside of Board.
  • Additional Corner Clamp.
  • Protractor with Inverse Scale.

R-500 Hard Case

  • Plastic Core Flute Case for the Draftex A3 Drawing Board.
  • Carry Handle.
  • Large Enough Inside to Hold Extra Drawing Materials.
  • Clip Closure Mechanism.

DBR-R 300 Drawing Head

  • 15° Indexing.
  • Precision Adjustment of Any Angle.
  • Inverse Scale 0-90°.
  • Locking Mechanism on the Straightedge.
  • Hatching Aid.

Linex A3 Drawing Board Complete Kit - $246.00


  • A3 Drawing Board.
  • Hard Case.
  • Drawing Head.

The Linex A3 Drawing Board is a quality German manufactured unit marketed by Linex of Denmark.
Designed for accuracy, precision and to a higher specification and closer tolerances than Chinese imports.
The Linex A3 Drawing Board features a combination of magnetic and sprung clamps for holding paper, an auto stop-go locking mechanism on the square and a secondary lock on the right edge for solid fixing of the square.
Soft pads on the back of the board keep it in place firmly on the work surface without any risk of abrasion.
The Linex Drafting Head is designed to slide along the square and allows lines to be drawn from the horizontal at angles ranging through a 180 degree arc.
The two arms of the Linex Drafting Head are set at 90 degree angle to each other and can be rotated and locked at any position with a convenient 15 degree pre sets at 15,30,45,60 and 75 degrees.
The arms of the Head are graduated in millimeters.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
LinexA3DrwBrdEachDBR 3045 Linex Drawing Board520L x 380W x 50H2500 (g)
LinexHeadEachDBR-R 300 Drawing Head250L x 215W x 40H180 (g)
LinexA3BoardSpecialSetComplete Kit Special - Board,Head & Case600L x 460W x 120H3000 (g)

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