Planex Mobile Plan Storage Holder $927.00

  • Lc Planex Mobile Plan Storage Holder A0 Size

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Planex LC Mobile Plan Storage Holder is a similar concept to the fully enclosed vertical plan cabinet. Ideal for site use, or where only a limited number of plans need to be stored.

  • Mobile Plan File with Capacity for 300 Drawings
  • To Suit 311 or 811 Suspension Strips
  • Patented Glass-Filled Nylon Fingers
  • Easy Lever Opening for Removal or Filing of Drawings
  • Standard Colour is Grey
  • LC Dimensions 1300H x 940W x 600D

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The Planex LC Plan Storage Trolley is designed for true storage and retrieval of drawings. A filing sequence can be maintained with integrity ensuring that drawings are returned to their designated place. The action of the front section of the frame helps facilitate the location, identification and removal of the required sheet. This is achieved by lifting the release lever to a position that then allows the up to 300 stored sheets to be sorted to the point where the required one is at the centre of the opening forks. When the frame is moved to position two the forks open to allow the sheet to be moved out of the trolley sideways. Use Plan Filing Strips 311 or 811 series on your drawings.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
LCEachA0 Mobile1300L x 940W x 600H17000 (g)

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